Intensive course of 2 days destined to create a CELEBRATION MENU for those people who want to surprise their guests.

Classes in reduced groups, an exclusive space and with direct bonding and customized with the chef. The sessions have the objective, in addition to learning to cook, to teach techniques of cuts, the used utensils and also that is to say to emplatar foods for some better presentations.

The complete course is formed by 2 sessions of 2 hours where every day they were taught of 2 to 3 special plate prescriptions of celebration of Christmas for the meals with your guests.

NOTE: It is only necessary to take a ball-point pen to the course in case they are wanted to take notes. During the session, the tasting will become of convenience food and the prescriptions for you will be given in writing only you must worry to learn and to pass it well!

If you want to see photographs of previous factories here clica.

The course is Monday 11 and Wednesdays 13 of December:


Mondays 10 of December of 18h to 20h - Aperitive and incoming 

Wednesday 12 of December of 18h to 20h – main Plates (meat and fish)

Price of the 2 sessions: 65 €


12 people



Duration of the course

Monday 10 and Wednesdays 12 of December (2 hours every day)

To share

There are dates no available for this course.

It beats here, if you are interested in this course.

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