The thousands of benefits in the daily vegetable consumption have been outstanding by many doctors and personalities of the world of the nutrition by the great properties that these foods contribute to our organism.

The green juice is liquefied facts, concretely, with vegetables of green leaf (spinach, lettuce, watercresses, curled cabbage, mustard leaves, rúcula, beets, parsley…) and a little sweetness coming from the fruit.

These so natural and delicious cocktails are full of nutrients and many properties that are absorbed by the organism, of substances that help to process fats, and of vitamins, minerals, enzymes and fitonutrientes that protect and fortify the body.

The objective of this factory that there are preparation is to be able to learn and to understand what is the “green juice?, what fruits and vegetables can be mixed and what it contributes to our organism each to us combined.

You do not lose this antirust, revitalizante and power factory that will improve and clean your organism on the inside.

The factory includes prescriptions in writing and the tasting of juices done in the classroom.

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12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

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