Who can be resisted “not to sin? after a food when on the table dusty truffles, coulant lukewarm on the verge of undoing offer some to you or proving a piece of Sacher?

If you are that one or that one incapable one to abstain before this and the mouth only leaks to imagine to you it to you, you cannot be lost this special factory for the crazy people by the chocolate!

In the course it will be learned of form practical to prepare and to emplatar best desserts and tastings of chocolate; for any reception, it has dinner special, etc, so that your guests do not stop being surprised and becoming lean the fingers.

In each factory different types from sins, great and small will become, and different presentations according to the season. The number of desserts of each course will be variable based on required time for the preparation of each of them. However, EVERYTHING will be of chocolate and the good one!

Prescription example to realise:

- Creative chocolate truffles

- Soufflé

- Pie of three chocolates

- Coulant

- Mousse of chocolate

- etc.

Each assistant will take to house the dossier with realised prescriptions and will be able to try what he has become in the classroom.

If you want to see photographs of previous factories clica here.


12 people



Duration of the course

2 hours

To share

There are dates no available for this course.

It beats here, if you are interested in this course.

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