You are a product company, professional or manufacturer?

You are distributing manufacturer or and you have a practical utensil of kitchen, of revolutionary equipment, a select food or a drink of our earth? Would You like to teach it, to let try it and you don't have the suitable space to do it?

If you have the objective to make public your product and that a group or group of people knows it, they prove it or they see it work we offer the possibility to you of using our facilities.

We collaborate together to promote and to organize the tasting, the formative course, the demonstration or the maridaje in the hours and the been suitable day. Also, we arrange of audio-visual means to accompany your demonstration and with the possibility of selling your product once finalized the activity.

To CookinGallergyFree we want to approach the people of the street which you offer so that it is possible to be known close by in a unique space.